Editor: Mihály Hoppál
Assitant Editor: Eszter Csonka-Takács
Managing Editor: Ádám Molnár

Editorial Board:

László Felföldi (ethnochoreology)
Imre Gráfik (Hungarians living outside Hungary)
Béla Halmos (the táncház movement)
Éva Héra (festivals and fairs)
Ildikó Kríza (folk narrative)
Imola Küllös (book reviews)
Ferenc Sebö (ethnomusicology)
Attila Selmeczi Kovács (exhibitions)
János Tari (films and film reviews)
Vilmos Voigt (theoretical issues)

Hungarian Heritage (HU ISSN 1585-9924) presents gives an overall picture of Hungarian traditional culture and will publish

Original articles on Hungarian ethnography, including folk literature, music, dance, games, mythology, rituals, customs, handicrafts, architecture and other arts;

Book and exhibition reviews, sound, film and video reviews;

Reports on folk dance and music festivals, folk dance and music camps and folk craft fairs;

Practical and up to date information on coming events (festivals, fairs, exhibitions, etc.).

The new periodical will cover the traditional culture of Hungarians living within and outside the borders of present-day Hungary, as well as the culture of Hungary’s ethnic minorities.

Hungarian Heritage is published once a year in the spring. Its contents, the section containing practical and up to date information and much more is available via the Internet at www.folkline.hu