Guidelines for Contributors

The editors are pleased to receive manuscripts written in English to be considered for publication in Shaman.

Manuscript form Final copy of all manuscripts must be submitted on A4 size (or US standard) paper, double spaced throughout, and with margins of no less than 1 1/2 inch on all four sides. All pages of the manuscript must be consecutively paginated. Authors are also requested to submit a copy on IBM- or Macintosh-compatible computer diskette. Diskettes should be marked with the type of computer and the name and version of the word-processing program used.

Graphs, drawings and photographs are referred to as Figures and should be numbered in sequence with Arabic numerals. Each figure original should be identified with the figure number on the back, where the orientation of the figure should also be clearly indicated.

Abstract Each manuscript submitted for publication should be accompanied by an English abstract of about 100 words that summarizes the conceptual content of the contribution.

References Bibliographical references should be cited in the text by the author’s last name, date of publication and page, e.g. (Eliade 1964: 259), or, if the author’s name is mentioned in the text, by the date and page reference only, e.g. (1964: 259). Full citation of literature referred to should be given in a bibliography at the end of each article. This should appear under the heading References, should be arranged alphabetically by author’s surname. The format should be consistent with the following examples:

Eliade, Mircea 1964. Shamanism: Archaic Techniques of Ecstasy. Bollingen Series No. LXXVI. Princeton: Princeton University Press.
Krader, Lawrence 1978. “Shamanism: Theory and History in Buryat Society.” In Vilmos Diószegi and Mihály Hoppál (eds.) Shamanism in Siberia. Bibliotheca Uralica 1. Budapest: Akadémiai Kiadó.
Hultkrantz, Ake 1961. “A Definition of Shamanism.” Temenos 9. 25–37.

Transliteration and transcription. Technical terms can be given in any conventional system of transliteration or transcription, but the system should be consistent. Russian should be transliterated as follows a b v g d e ë zh z i î k l m n o p r s t u f kh ts ch sh shch ” (‘hard sign‘) ‘ (‘soft sign‘) e (with a dot above it) iu, ia. Chinese characters should be given in their Pinyin forms.

Proofs Authors will be sent galley proofs showing modifications that may have been made in preparing their work for publication. No further proofs will be issued.

The editors reserve the right to make editorial revisions, but will not make major changes without the author’s approval.

Off-prints The author will receive 15 offprints free of charge. Additional offprints are available at a reasonable price.